Realesed: 19 de Julio, 2006
Label: Chika Entertainment Inc.
Lenght: 38:07
Formats: CD
 APT’ it is the 5th album of Nicole, and the first that works independently under itsown label Chika Entertainment Inc. The album was recorded at the home studio of the department of the singer, who later traveled to Granada; to mix with BarrySage, and then to London for mastering with musician and producer Bunt Stafford-Clark. The album consists of 11 songs, of which 8 were written by the singeraccompanied by musician Jimmy Frazier, an unreleased track of the Argentine singer Leo Garcia called “The Way” and a new version for “Rapture,” a classicgroup Blondie.
  1. Si Vienes Por Mi
  2. Culpables
  3. Bipolar
  4. La Ultima Vez
  5. No Me Confundas
  6. 1800 Nasty Show
  7. Veneno
  8. Trapped In Time
  9. El Camino
  10. Rapture
  11. Veneno Portugues


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