PANALInnovative and tireless creator of new sounds, chords and musical textures. Nearby composer and inspired lyrics, so NICOLE who today is defined in the local and international music scene as a performer eager to create atmospheres and propose a different line.

It was 1989 in Chile and with only 12 years, full of innocence and debuts with an album that represented everything she felt, NICOLE presented the world its first single and self-titled album, Tal Vez Me Estoy Enamorando  “Maybe I’m In Love”.

Esperando NadaYears later impacts the album Esperando Nada “Waiting for Nothing” (1994), recorded in Madrid, Spain, a significant growth of the artist, both personally and musically. The work was produced by Tito Davila (Enanitos Verdes) and toured the most important stages of his country, South America and Spain.

The album “Waiting for Nothing” won triple platinum for sales in Chile. and the song “Give Light” became one of his most memorable hits.

In its constant search and personal transformation. Nicole released Sueños en Tránsito “Dreams in Transit” (1997), considered one of the best albums of his career, for his unique approach and sound ahead of his time, recorded between Santiago de Chile and London, England, included the production of Gustavo Cerati ( Soda Stereo) and the collaboration of Andrés Syllleros (former UPA).

With the single Despiértame (Wake me), she won an MTV award for best female video. This album is the gateway to Nicole the music market in Mexico, where he settled from 1999 until 2001.


2002 published by the hand of Maverick Music, Viaje Infinito “Infinite Voyage” supported by Madonna and producer Bruno del Granado,  the album was produced by Venezuelan musician Andres Levin (Miguel Bose, Marisa Monte, Aterciopelados, Macy Gray, Erika Badu between others).

maverick musicaMaverick work took Nicole to new musical paths, experimenting with folk and soul, and share with great musicians like drummer Sterling Campbell (David Bowie, Duran Duran, The B52’s) and perform live at Radio City Music Hall of New York with Chicago playing the classic “If you leave me now.”

“Infinite Voyage” was nominated for a Latin Grammy for best female pop album.

Already installed in Miami, Nicole began preparing a new album. The first under his own label: Chika Records.

Publication of APT in 2006, produced by the Chilean James Frazier and some songs in English, was recorded in his apartment in Miami mixed in Granada, Spain and mastered in London.

That same year, Nicole returned to live in Santiago de Chile after 6 years away from his country. The launch and promote the album APT throughout Chile, agrees with motherhood and new stage in his life as an artist.

Nicole showed his musical growth on stage reunited with their devoted fans and adding new generations of fans.


2009 published in Vinyl and DVD, “Nicole, 20 years,” a live show at the Nescafé Theatre Arts, celebrating 20 years since recording his first album.

That same year, Nicole had the song, HOY  (today), work that was published in single format, produced by Duran brothers.  (Los Bunkers)

“Today” likes new generations, and became one of the most popular songs of its history and the musical environment in Chile.

20 años

Alongside Nicole has participated in various musical projects on Chilean television, she was recently vocal coach and jury of The Voice Chile with Luis Fonsi and Franco Simone.

Currently Nicole continuously promoted their new studio album: PANAL “Honeycomb”, the 3rd of his record label and 7th in his career.

Fotografia: Francisca Versluys

Produced by Cristian Heyne (Law, Javiera Mena, Gepe, among others), runs Honeycomb Indie pop sounds with electronic beats, synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars with textures giving his lyrics on fertility, family, romanticism, Fear and faith, they create an emotional, intimate and inspired through its 12 songs run.


In 2015 PANAL was published by the prestigious labels for United States National Records and Casete for the Mexican territory. In Chile, it is one of the best selling albums and Tour PANAL has performed live in over 100 scenes of his country and the most important festivals of the Foreign countries. (LAMC NYC)

FOTO: Javiera Eyzaguirre para Revista YA



*Lanzamiento Panal

Pictures by: Mark Seliger, Sergio Gajardo,
Francisca Versluys, Mario Salazar, Carlos Müller,
Javiera Eyzaguirre (Revista YA), BMG Chile.

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